» Unions are a Positive Force

Unions are a Positive Force

Organized labor created the American middle class. As labor unions go, so will the middle class. Unions set the standards for wages and benefits; whether you are union member or not, you have benefited from Unions raising the standards for all workers!

Look at the positive things that Unions have achieved throughout their history:

  • Ended child labor
  • Established the legal right of workers to form unions and collectively bargain for wages, benefits and working conditions
  • Established the 8 hour work day and paid overtime
  • Won workers’ compensation benefits for workers injured on the job
  • Secured unemployment insurance for workers who lose their jobs
  • Secured a guaranteed minimum wage
  • Improved workplace safety and reduced on the job fatalities
  • Won pensions for workers
  • Won health care insurance for workers
  • Won paid sick leave, vacations, and holidays as standard benefits for most workers
  • Won the right for public sector workers to collectively bargain
  • Helped win passage of the Civil Right Acts and Title VII which outlaws job discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin
  • Won passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Won passage of the Family Medical Leave Act

Working class Americans need to keep their right to negotiate our future in the workplace.

  • As a worker you have a right to form a union, select representatives, and bargain collectively with your employer. This helps balance the power that an employer has over his individual employees.
  • Belonging to a Union gives you rights under the law that you do not have as an individual.
  • Once you’ve joined a Union, your employer must bargain with you over your wages, hours, and working conditions.
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  • This benefits the employer as well as you because they are getting the most qualified, highly trained employee available, who will continue to improve the company’s overall skill set.
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