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At Local 701 – Training Comes First!

What truly sets the membership of Local 701 apart from our competition is our commitment to training and our unparalleled apprenticeship programs that lead to rewarding journey level careers.  Our mission is to attract and train the best and brightest talent available to meet industry’s needs for today and the future, as well as to provide ongoing training for our skilled journey workers through continuing education.

Apprenticeship is an excellent way to learn a craft and to earn an income at the same time. This proven educational system is designed to give someone who knows little or nothing about our trade the knowledge to become a journey-level engineer.  Local 701 has separate programs for Operating Engineers and Stationary Engineers.

Our programs are registered with government apprenticeship agencies in Oregon and Washington and are jointly sponsored and overseen by Local 701 and our signatory contractors. This ensures that all apprentices go through a predetermined core curriculum.  All apprentices are evaluated using written and practical assessments to prove that they have acquired the requisite knowledge and skills.

High quality comprehensive training for Local 701 members is provided by our full and part-time instructors who are experienced and highly skilled journey-level operating and stationary engineers themselves.  They’re the ones charged with making sure that future and current operating and stationary engineers are safe, skilled, productive, and respectful of the equipment they use.

After completing an apprenticeship program and achieving journey-level status, members are encouraged to take advantage of advanced training classes the IUOE offers.  This enables members of 701 to stay on top of technological advances and other issues related to the industries in which they are employed.  Of course, today’s apprentices learn the latest in technology from the outset.  To be their best, our members continually strive to build and improve their skills.  By constantly expanding their skills and enhancing their versatility, members substantially increase their opportunities to get good jobs and keep them.