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Building a Greener Future

The members of Local 701 love the great northwest and are proud to be involved with many green infrastructure projects throughout the region.  These projects range from building clean water systems to erecting wind turbines that generate renewable power to remediation of environmentally sensitive lands and waterways.  We are constantly developing new ways of doing our work and using new equipment that leads to the lowest environmental impact possible.

When the City of Portland embarked on its ambitious Big Pipe combined sewer and storm water management projects members of 701 created the tunnels for the Westside and Eastside pipes.  We dug the access holes, and put into place and ran the high tech boring equipment that dug the tunnels.  This high tech equipment required a great level of skill to both run and maintain.  Especially since the equipment was located 120 feet below the surface in pressurized chambers!

Renewable energy generation is another major focus in the Northwest and the members of Local 701 are an essential part of the development of wind energy.  Did you know that the average commercial wind generation tower ranges from 250-325 feet high?  A single blade can range from 120-150 feet long and can have a rotational diameter of upwards of 300 feet.   That is a large piece of moving technology – and assembling them is no easy project.   It takes a great deal of precision and technical skill.  This is a field in which the crane operators of Local 701 have excelled.